Solutions that Focus

on the Whole Body.

Let’s Find Yours.

Dr. Becky Coats concentrates on finding balance
in your body as the source of your relief.

Immediate Relief

At TMJ+, we want to eliminate your pain, but in the meantime we want to manage it. The first step in resolving your pain and other TMJ disorder symptoms can include one or a combination of these methods:

  • Spray & Stretch
  • Trigger Point Injections
  • SPG Block
  • TENS Therapy
  • A.R.T. Muscle release
  • Pain Relief Appliance
  • Anti-Inflammatory Medication
  • Muscle Relaxer Medication
  • Heat/Cold Pack

Long Lasting Relief

We are ultimately going to eliminate your pain. This will be done through a two-phase process that takes into account every element of your body, seeking the source of your pain and addressing it head on.


  • TMJ Orthodic
  • Night Bite Reposition Appliance
  • Oral Sleep Appliance
  • Decay Removal
  • Infection Removal

The goal for phase 1 is to quickly relieve pain points and infection. Phase 1 is the guide to long-term treatment and the precursor to phase 2 for long lasting results!


  • TMJ Orthodontics
  • TMJ Bite Rehabilitation
  • TMJ Dentures

After Phase 1 when a patient has relief of pain/symptoms, we will choose the best long term solutions. This could mean orthodontics that keep your bite positioned in orthodic for 3-4 months. You have an end result that achieves more pain relief, a broader smile, airway for sleeping, helping improve health and a more youthful face.

For someone that does not want braces there are solutions that allow for a faster end result, such as restorations that are built to the pain free  position of the orthodic.

The Approach

My approach is to provide advanced solutions and pain relief. I focus most on the concerns of what started this and why. We begin looking at the source of your problem! I evaluate the dental arch development along with the many other health factors, which is the plus in the name TMJ Plus.

The plus represents more of what I do as a biological dentist; it means I care about more than just the mouth. I look for toxic triggers in your mouth, and how your dental toxicity shows up in other area of your body. I look for areas of infection and inflammation in the mouth as well as airway to have oxygen for a healthy you. When I get to work with your physician and your other wellness providers, I aim to positively influence your health!