Cavitation Removal

Can You Help Me Get Rid of Cavitations?


Cavitations are holes in the bone that occur at the site of a tooth extraction that doesn’t heal properly, creating dead bone. Cavitations happen when dentists extract a tooth but leave part of the membrane behind. Over time, the site becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and toxins, which can cause various health issues such as digestive problems, chronic fatigue, and blockages on the body’s energy meridians.

Before we remove a cavitation, we have to find the area of concern. Dr. Coats uses a special 3-D cone beam CT X-Ray to identify areas in your bone that are suspicious. We are looking for cavitations: hollow bone areas where bacteria is trapped. After we find areas of concern, we’ll review your medical history and tooth meridian chart to correlate how these cavitations might be  related to your other health concerns.

Before we begin a cavitation surgery, you will want to go off of any medication that can interfere with the procedure such as vitamin C or blood thinners. During the procedure we will remove the affected bone, as well as any infected ligaments. We will rinse your mouth with ozone water then place a bone graft and cover the area with platelet rich plasma. After the procedure , we will work with your health professional to help determine the best steps to promote healing, such as a Vitamin C IV.

The procedure is not as invasive as you might think. We’ll use a laser specifically designed for this process, which kills pathogens and makes it possible for your bone tissue to regenerate. Using a laser also greatly reduces or eliminates discomfort, bleeding, and healing time. Similarly, with ozone, PRP, and platelet rich plasma, you will enjoy the benefits of faster healing and less discomfort.

These exciting new possibilities are becoming a reality thanks to products from manufacturers like BIOLASE, THOR and LITE TOUCH laser, which makes all-tissue lasers for dental professionals.

The attached tooth meridian chart shows which organs are related to the different teeth. If you have infection in teeth there could be an association with the health of the body’s organs.

If you’re here because you’ve suspected something is wrong, but you don’t know what, it’s worth considering taking a more holistic look at your body, starting with your mouth. Tooth infections are not something you can see or feel because the nerves in infected teeth are dead so they don’t signal pain or discomfort, but at TMJ+ we have all of the technology you need to gain this critical information.

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