Ceramic Implants

Do You Offer Ceramic Implants?


Ceramic implants are a much healthier option for anyone needing implants, but wanting to keep their mouths free of metal. Unlike Titanium implants, ceramic ones don’t attract bacteria into the gums, have a much lower risk for gum tissue disease, and don’t conduct metal or heat energy.  

Ceramic implants are a much healthier alternative to Titanium, which has been the standard material for implants for decades. They are much stronger than titanium and more sustainable. They also do not collect as much plaque reducing your risk for inflammation, cardiovascular diseases and strokes. Additionally, they conduct neither heat or electrical energy and cause no irritation to the immune system.

At TMJ+ we plan the procedure ahead of time on a computer, using a 3-D implant surgical guide. This helps ensure that we avoid any anatomical issues and that we place the implant perfectly within the parameters of the bone, in good relationship to the gums, adjacent roots, nerve anatomy, and sinuses.

During the procedure, we use the 3-D surgical guide to place the implant where we’ve planned, using a 3-D model of your gums and 3-D position of your bone. After the procedure you will wait for the bone and implant to heal before placing a crown on the top.

Ceramic Implants

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