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Dr. Becky Coats approach on finding balance in your body as the source of your relief has attracted people from all over the world.

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Paul's Story

Most of my life, I’ve worked as a pilot flying all kinds of aircraft. About 7 years ago, I retired in Ecuador, found some land that I liked in the Andes shortly after, and started building a self-sufficient farm.

While I was in the US learning about farming technology, I wanted to have some dental work done as well. I was looking for a dentist that understood the importance of energy pathways in each tooth and would not be inclined to use materials that would interfere with these. I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Becky Coats.

I expected the work to last for awhile, but seeing as how my mouth was an eclectic mix of veneers, different types of crowns, a few fillings, and some wisdom teeth I knew it wouldn’t be long before I needed more work.

Dr. Becky Coats evaluated my mouth and bite and planned a solution that would last. She put in new durable, attractive, nontoxic crowns, realigned and balanced the muscles that affect my bite, replaced a tooth loosened by a careless dentist in Ecuador with a seamless bridge, and made my smile overall much more attractive.

The transformation Dr. Coats orchestrated was well worth the trips back and forth to Ecuador and it will be worth any investment you may have to make.

Before & After
Paul Before treatment, TMJ Plus Paul After treatment, TMJ Plus
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